To the editor:

The red light camera plan ("Red light camera plan eyed by state," May 10) will only make driving conditions more dangerous. This has been proven by every independent analysis ever undertaken. Rear-end collisions increase tenfold at intersections as drivers panic and slam on their brakes!

Hasn't government intruded enough in our daily lives. If our politicians were honest and not just trying to dig deeper into our wallets they would suggest ways to implement such a system safely. For instance by considerable extension of the yellow light cycle as well as only ticketing cars entering a red light as opposed to cars exiting intersections. Just these two implementations alone would significantly make their proposal far more safer and palatable.

If these suggestions would not be implemented, I would strongly urge every fair-minded taxpayer to strongly oppose this red light camera plan because this would expose the plan to be all about money, not safety!

David Manzi



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