To the editor:

I have decided to apologize for saying earlier in the year that Trump supporters are racists. They are not -- they are just allowing racism to happen in front of their eyes.

From the attempted kidnapping of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to the call to liberate Michigan to our own president not condemning white supremacist and radical groups like the Proud Boys at the debate, we are living at the peak of another civil war that the white supremacists have been waiting for. All they needed was a supporter in the white house.

Voting for Trump doesn’t mean you are a racist but it does mean that you are fine with racist actions and groups. Don’t tell me that BLM is the problem. BLM is a peaceful group that has only gotten the ire of people because they were instigated by white supremacist infiltrators at their rallies; 95% of the BLM protests have been peaceful. So if you are allowing this country to become segregated again to where young Black men are called punks and an American Taliban group like the Proud Boys are fine Americans by re-electing Trump, then you are not a racist but you are allowing racism to continue in this country and are part of the problem.

This country was built that everyone is equal and has the right for happiness. Terrorism is not America, segregation is not America, and racism is not America. Let’s not make American white again, let’s make America great again by voting Trump out for good!

Matthew Garlin



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