To the editor:

Gov. Charlie Baker is right when he says that our housing shortage is a threat to Massachusetts’ economy (“Baker says housing is a weakness in growing economy,” July 18). And if we want our economy to continue to grow, to add jobs and attract top talent, we must ensure that our workforce can afford to live where they work.

Governing Magazine recently found that more than 1 in 5 people who move out of Massachusetts do so because of housing-related reasons. Our businesses are losing out on skilled employees who are leaving for competing states that offer more reasonable housing prices, employees are being forced to endure lengthy commutes to get from home to work, and more and more people across the state are being priced out of living in the communities they and their families have resided in for years.

By updating outdated zoning laws, adjusting multifamily housing requirements, and enacting more bold, transformative housing legislation, we can make space for all people to live and thrive in the commonwealth. For the sake of our economy, we need to make the creation of affordable housing an urgent priority. It will improve our workforce’s quality of life, galvanize our economy, and maximize our state’s potential for growth.

Meagan Green

Alliance for Business Leadership