To the editor:

The piece on Republican’s push for voter ID laws in Massachusetts is a prime example of the irresponsible “he said, she said” approach to journalism -- and a main reason why I canceled my subscription to the Salem News some time ago.

Nowhere mentioned in the piece is the big lie about the 2020 election from which this effort certainly flows -- namely the spectacular falsehood that voter fraud was rampant and the reason for Republican losses in Congress and the White House. The most execrable part of the piece, is this line: “Voting rights advocates say voter fraud is largely non-existent, so (an ID requirement) is unnecessary.”

No. It’s not a matter of what they said. Voter fraud IS virtually nonexistent. Ask the Republican, Trump-supporting secretaries of state whose lives were threatened by GOP voters last fall when the officials told the truth and said that the 2020 election was the most secure in U.S. history. But instead of stating the facts, The Salem News puts the folks who sell lies and undermine democracy on equal footing with people trying to defend it, living in the reality-based world.

Journalism -- international, national, and, now more than ever, local -- is critical for a healthy democracy. But to simply report what two sides say without regard for the actual facts is journalistic malpractice, particularly at a time when our democracy is under threat. Sadly, it’s a crime of which The Salem News is guilty far too often.

Paul Massari



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