To the editor:

I am a 23-year-old. This country has been at war my entire life but until today I did not know what it was like to stand there and wait for it.

The fear is there but the anger is palpable. We should be at war but not with any country. We need a war against fossil fuels and plastic and pesticides and poverty and systemic racism -- we need a war against the infinite intersecting realities of the climate crisis. While Australia is burning and California and the Amazon are smoldering, the occupant of the White House is knocking down a house of cards that he does not have to live in.

The reasons for not going to war are infinitely more important than any and all pro-war reasons. The world needs to be collaborating and when our leader does the opposite we must dissent. To anyone who feels as I do: we must make it loud and clear that we do not want a war, we want life for this planet and for ourselves.

Tova Crystal


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