To the editor:

We are rocketing toward Election Day 2020. The presidential choice we make will echo not only for the next four years but potentially for decades to come, affecting the future of our children, grandchildren and generations beyond. We owe them something better than what has been going on for the past four years. The list of moral failure, division, contempt for the rule of law and our cherished institutions and principles and blatant corruption and malfeasance seems near endless. Moderation and toned-down civil discourse are badly needed. Insults, character assassination, bullying, pandering and self-absorption are not leadership. Its real foundation is common decency and the understanding that one serves, not rules, the people.

A far greater president (George Washington) than the current one once said “strive to keep alive in your breast that small spark of celestial fire called conscience.” Rather than “draining the swamp,” the president has proven to be the swamp. The list of examples of amorality and self-dealing are near endless. We deserve better. Leon Jaworski, the prosecutor who replaced Archibald Cox in the Watergate investigation, was once asked why he took the assignment. Besides being a former president of the American Bar Association, he was after all wealthy and retired. The Texan replied that he owed it to the next generation to demonstrate that the system worked. Our children and grandchildren are watching. Future generations will inherit what we sow. We owe it to them to act, voting.

David Labovitz



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