To the editor:

We are dealing with difficult and contentious problems with COVID-19, schools and White House profiteering for personal gain (as with presidential authority being used to seek advantage for his personal golf properties in England). 

What all these things have in common is the lack of trust at all levels including government officials and civil servants. Add to that Trump's cruelty and personal vengeance. Trust or the lack of it exists at all levels. Citizens have to trust what the president says and what the government tells them is credible. I don’t think that exists. They have to trust that the government respects the law and constitutional liberties. And that the government operates within its boundaries and does not use its police powers against those it is supposed to protect. That it does not use its power for extrajudicial purposes such as raising personal armies or fomenting illegal gangs. That it does not seek to intervene in states and communities where it is not invited by those bodies.

Federal buildings need to be protected by those empowered to do so with the trust of those involved. Same with wearing masks by citizens; it takes trust in those making the demand. And it takes trust to entrust the police to perform its duties in a lawful manner.

In brief, trust goes to the heart of government and our legal system Law and order cannot be commanded by autocracy.

William Jackson



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