To the editor:

I am writing in response to the column by Arthur I. Cyr (“Biden’s Europe trip symbolizes stability,” June 16). Biden’s trip does not symbolize stability. It symbolizes a return to the norm. A norm which sees us make concessions to Russian pipeline projects over own, raising instability fears in Eastern Europe. Where we halt Ukrainian arms deals to appease a Russian dictator, whilst he amasses troops at their border and annexes their land. A norm that sees us lifting sanctions on a murderous Iranian regime in order to go back to a nuclear deal that failed to address their ballistic missile program or Iranian Imperialism in the Middle East. Alienating yet another ally in Israel.

I keep hearing the term “America is back.” Back to where? As a European immigrant I can testify first hand that no one over there respects America, our culture or our values. We were openly mocked before Trump, so you need to stop concerning yourselves with what people though of you under Trump.

Trump had many flaws, but he was the first person to stand up to the bullies within the EU (and I voted remain, so you know). He was the first person to stand up for the United States whilst people openly laughed behind our backs as we cut checks.

A return to the norm is a return to Bush-era and Obama-era foreign policy that destabilized the globe like never before. Arthur I. Cyr couldn’t have been any more establishment if he tried.

Damien Jarrett



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