To the editor:

I went for a run this beautiful morning around Lake Quannapowitt. Bright sunshine, temps in the 40s. Ice-covered lake, the sights, sounds, smells so fresh. As I made my way around I couldn’t help but notice the number of folks plugged into some device totally oblivious to the symphony taking place around them.

I wished everyone I encountered a good morning. The plugged in never heard me, some ignored me and some responded as surprised a total stranger would greet them. To each his own. But personally, life is too short to not take advantage of the wonderful world around us. Don’t get me wrong-- life can be messy, so much pain and hurt. I know. And it needs to be addressed in its own place and time. There is no avoiding it.

As I mosey by the cemetery, I wonder how many souls spent their last days wishing they had paid attention to the little things: ice on a lake, a gentle breeze, a child’s smile, a dog’s bark. Or the souls who wished for more of what they thought they needed. As I cruise along, I give thanks for every breath I take, every dawn and dusk I see. Not hurrying along blindly because I choose not to.

I think as we enter a new year, leave “Make America Great Again” off the table and do what Fred Rogers suggests: “Try to make goodness attractive in everything we do.”

I’m going to. God bless, slow down and Happy New Year.

Bill Kirby


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