To the editor:

I brought a Russian friend to tour the Early Childhood Center in Salem today. We spent a great deal of time with Director Nancy Charest, an experienced and enthusiastic educator. She graciously spent time answering questions, describing the programs, and allaying fears about learning English. Nancy’s professionalism and appreciation for her staff were evident throughout the interview.

We were able to visit the bright, organized, fun-looking classrooms where children were engaged in a wide variety of activities with teachers, paraprofessionals and specialists.

It was quite evident that staff has the same respect and enthusiasm for their director as she does for them.

I would suggest to anyone who may have qualms about education in Salem to visit a few schools, talk with administrators and staff; talk with kids. I think you will be amazed, and pleased to see these hard-working, women and men doing exceptional work to assure that your children receive the very best education available.

Brenda Marean


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