To the editor:

We are often told by the GOP that one of the biggest threats in this country is socialism. They tell us government interference will spell tyranny for the working class.

In some cases, this is true, as we have seen the mass government overreach of Virginia and its gun control legislation. However, the GOP has turned a blind eye to the large corporate oligarchy dominating the working class.

In May of this year, President Donald Trump wrote that he is “monitoring the situation” over the recent banning of prominent right-wing figures such as James Woods and Alex Jones. However, no single piece of legislation has been passed to consider social media a utility and thus protected by the First Amendment.

In Trump’s State of the Union address, he said he wants immigrants “in the largest number ever.” However, using basic economics and looking back at the impact of the October 1980 Mariel boat lift on Miami, an increase in the supply of workers will reduce the demand for competitive wages.

Furthermore, studies have shown that legal immigrants almost exclusively vote for the Democratic Party.

Lastly, prominent GOP donor Paul Singer has devastated the small town of Sidney, Nebraska, in what was essentially a pump-and-dump scheme using Cabela’s stocks. Despite the thousands of jobs lost from a GOP donor, Sen. Ben Sasse offered mere support for the town and rejected any “big government policy.”

It’s time for the working class to take back their party — and, hopefully, their future.

Christian Getchell

Salem, N.H.

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