To the editor:

The Manchester Essex School Committee has failed to advocate for our kindergarten through third grade students by voting for fully remote learning while COVID-19 activity in our community and state is low. A petition signed by more than 150 people in support of in-person learning for K-3 can be found at

Why it can be done:

Hybrid learning with grades K-3 is cheaper than all grades.

Starting with these grades only will likely lead to a higher success rate, given current COVID-19 medical literature.

K-3 students will most benefit from in-person learning.

Our kids don’t need additional screen time.

Give the youngest learners the option for in-person learning if their parents think that’s best for their child’s learning experience. There will be down-stream economic effects of this decision as parents are forced to quit their jobs to implement full remote learning. The social/emotional/educational ramifications will be immeasurable.

These seven voting School Committee members have been given the privilege to advocate for our youngest learners  have taken away parents’ rights and ability to advocate for their children’s learning.

It’s not too late to change course -- especially for the youngest learners.

If you seven have forgotten what it’s like to spend all day with a 5, 6, 7 or 8 year old – we invite you to spend the day with our kids. You still have three weeks until school starts to change this. The district’s young learners are counting on you!

Tamar Lipof, MD



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