To the editor:

It has been several days since the much publicized capture of our beloved turkey (Salem News, Feb. 20), so it is safe to say that it is old news. Not so for a large group of people (myself included) who loved her, and yes (guilty) fed her. I always thought of the turkey as a Jenny (slang for a female turkey; males are Toms),hence the gender reference in this letter.

Many people spotted her in the Harmony Grove area as far back as last October. Over the weeks she expanded her territory until finally settling in the Main Street/Peabody Square area.

She would nest behind the iron fence of the old O’Shea mansion, go from there to the 7Eleven, from there to McDonald’s, where she would often times be seen sitting on the fence. Then across the street (yikes) to CVS and finally onward to Stop & Shop. It was a daily routine.

I can’t tell you how many times I called the Peabody Police / Animal Control, a wildlife rehabilitator who works in the city, Mass Audubon and Mass Wildlife, begging anyone to please pick her up so she would not get killed. I was told they could do nothing unless she was injured.

There are rules regarding wildlife. I pleaded unusual and extenuating circumstances where surely the rules could be bent.

No luck.

You can imagine my surprise when I saw the turkey being captured, on television, uninjured(?), and by the environmental police no less.

Environmental police?

I thought they were out arresting people for dumping stuff in our oceans.

What were they doing in Peabody picking up a turkey?

And even more interesting, what did they do with her?

Did they do the most logical thing and bring her to the MSPCA at Nevins Farm in Methuen?

There she might have been held for observation to determine her health status. Because she lacked the company of a flock of fellow turkeys for so long, would she have had to be reintroduced to the wild? What area? Any area would pose a confrontation with residents who already live there. Would she not have been better in a turkey rescue/small farm?

Everyone was happy to see her rescued from what was almost sure to be death by motor vehicle, but could some thought have been given to her future?

True she annoyed many a motorist, but she made many more smile as she strutted through her adopted city.

The media has always put a humorous spin on her situation, but there is really nothing humorous at all about the plight of the poor creature,

Ann Marie Dodd