To the editor:

I’m writing to support Kristin Pangallo for Salem School Committee.

Like Kristin, I’m a Salem State professor and district parent. While I’m committed to our public schools, the district is facing many challenges: a school closure, principal turnover, a lack of transparency from district leadership, and reports of inequity in our schools. Kristin will help lead the district down a better path.

Kristin and I serve on Salem State’s Academic Policies Committee, a governance committee that makes recommendations on academic standards. Kristin demonstrates keen attention to policy-related details and a willingness to critique new and existing policies, even when that means challenging senior faculty and administrators.

We also serve on a subcommittee that evaluates students’ appeals for readmission after dismissal. We hear about why our students struggle, including financial constraints, learning challenges and a lack of family or community support. Their experiences show the challenges young people face when it comes to their education.

Kristin is committed to equity and inclusion. She is dedicated to understanding and valuing the lived experiences of all our students, whether they’re students of color, students with disabilities, LGBTQIA+ students, undocumented students or homeless students.

She is a proud district parent. She knows firsthand the opportunities and challenges in our schools. While she will recognize and honor students’ and educators’ successes, she will not shy away from difficult conversations.

Kristin’s willingness to speak up, question authority, advocate for social justice, and show compassion for those who struggle make her an excellent candidate for School Committee.

Sara Moore