To the editor:

I’d like to thank the MBTA for bringing back a bus route from Salem to Danvers. This route took effect on June 20 and will run week days and Saturdays. It’s a continuation of the 435 out of Lynn to Danvers via the malls so it’s not the normal route.

This bus starts at the Salem Depot and goes to the Malls via North Street instead of Boston Street through Peabody Square. This bus route also runs later in the day into the night. I hope people that rely on the bus will realize that bus service has be reinstated since the 465 was cut back in March. I would also like to thank Paul Tucker, Joan Lovely and Sally Kerans for advocating for the people in Salem and Danvers. I was lucky these past three months to have nice weather to walk in, although there were a few really warm days. As much as I enjoy walking it’s a lot to have to walk 4 miles to work then around work then occasionally walk 4 miles back home. It will be nice to have a bus ride especially in these hot summer months.

Christine Plecinoga



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