Time to remove the drapes?

Courtesy photoCloth is still draped over the fence surrounding Salem Harbor Station.

To the editor:

Anyone traveling along Fort Avenue in Salem will see that the winds of winter have done a job on the huge and unsightly cloth drapes that protect the buildings of the Salem Harbor Power Plant from public view. There are gaps in the curtain now, revealing the landscaping and structures behind it. Might now be a good time for the owners of the plant to remove all the remaining drapery along the fence — a civic eyesore —and let the world have a better look at the complex?

During the period of public hearings before the plant was completed, Footprint Power representatives assured the public that the cloth coverings would be taken down. I say so with certainty because I was the one who posed the question. Isn’t it about time that this promise was kept? 

Rod Kessler