To the editor:

Keep America Great, huh? America was built to be a democracy that many people can have an opinion, but when you dismiss the opinions of four smart and strong women who happened to be from different countries and say “go back there,” then we aren’t making America great, we are making America white and male.

If you agree with Trump, I don’t get it, but it’s your opinion. But now I shall state mine: I was born in Guatemala, a Third World country. I am a citizen of America and I love America, but I don’t love what America has become and what it is going to become if we don’t fight the hate. Hate groups have been living under this country for years and they have found life in the White House, so I say get this racist man out of the White House.

And Democrats, let the new radicals lead. Stop trying to make compromises; stop trying to make everyone like you, because you know what? That got us into this mess. The Democrats were too busy arguing with themselves, so when the podium was free, a white supremacist took the stand; and because no one else had a loud enough voice and shouted back, he won.

Well, I say now: game over! Put a strong candidate who will stand up to Trump, get him out of office, get rid of the hate in this country and allow democracy to reign again. Then we will make America great again!

Matthew Garlin