To the editor:

I recently sent a letter to the editor expressing my good fortune in living in Peabody. A recent incident drove that point home better than any words can express.

I became ill over a weekend. When my temperature went off the charts, I figured I'd drive myself to the ER. Not a good idea.

First the West Peabody Fire Department, then the EMTs from Atlantic and finally the Peabody police, arrived. They attended to me with care, compassion and concern. I wish I had all their names, but by the time I was packed into the ambulance I did not even know my own name.

All I can say is that we are blessed to have some of the finest men and women on call when we need them. I pray always that God will protect them and watch over them, because we need them.

I for one do not begrudge these people for anything they get. For all I care then can have the whole month of September off. They earn it and they deserve it.

Another case in point:

We are blessed with a terrific Park and Recreation Department. It takes care of parks, oversees Brooksby Farm and provided recreation for all of the citizens of Peabody.

For this we owe a great debt of gratitude to its director, Dick Walker.

He is a guy who, in my opinion, is taken for granted. About the only time that he gets any notoriety is when something goes wrong — the grass is not mowed, a tree is not removed when someone wants it to be, or lines are not painted on a tennis court. But when things go right, Dick is forgotten.

I had the honor and pleasure of working with Walker for as a member of the Recreation Commission about 20 years ago. Even then he was constantly beaten up by people who wanted to do things their way. But he always handled the criticism with class and harder work. We are so fortunate to have had him at the helm for so long.

Most of the events that he has spearheaded go unnoticed. But many, like the Friday, June 18 father-daughter ball at City Hall, merit acclaim.

There are things in life that you cannot put a price on and this was one of them. I was able to accompany my 6-year-old granddaughter to the event. I do no know how many fathers/daughters and grandfathers/granddaughters were in attendance, but for each couple there were 100 smiles. This truly was an event to remember.

Kudos to Dick and his staff for this memorable event. I know that many people, including Jen Davis, spent time putting this event together and thanks to them also.

Tony Juliano


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