To the editor:

For the most part, people have won the battle to be able to say “Merry Christmas” but there are still some humbugs out there who scowl when you say those words and come back with their own “Happy Holidays.” So for all those atheists out there who want to stop store employees and others from saying “Merry Christmas” in public places, I have a question for you:

Do you still take your Christmas bonuses? Do you still take extra pay for working on Christmas Eve or take the Christmas Day pay you get for it? After all, Christmas is a Christian holiday, celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. If you insist on being an atheist (which the Bible calls antichrist) and refuse to acknowledge Christ, then why don’t you refuse to take that “Christmas” bonus or the day’s pay you get for having it off?

Every time you accept that Christmas Day bonus, every time you cash that Christmas bonus check, you are showing yourself to be at the very least a hypocrite. And what about those Christmas gifts you give and receive? Do you give them with a card that says “this is a holiday gift?” What holiday? It’s Christmas. So maybe you should stop giving and receiving those gifts you give and receive. If you don’t believe in the true meaning of Christmas, why are you celebrating something you claim you don’t believe in?

And you know what they say about getting the last laugh? Well, I guess we Christians have the last laugh after all. You see, the word “holiday” comes from the old English meaning “holy day.” So even though you don’t want to wish us a “Merry Christmas,” thanks anyway for wishing us a “holy day.”

Ty Friley


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