It’s good to see a strong campaign under way for the Danvers state representative seat.

No matter which candidate you favor, having a choice enlivens and focuses the campaign, outlines issues, introduces new ideas, and tends to keep both candidates on their toes. A last-minute write-in campaign isn’t the favored way to make this happen, but it’s perfectly legal. And in this case, which is a rematch, both incumbent Democrat Ted Speliotis and challenging Republican Dan Bennett start with an understanding of each other and their differences.

Not so in the state Senate race in the 2nd Essex District, where Salem City Councilor Joan Lovely, the winner in the Democratic primary, is heading down the home stretch alone.

Although Republican Richard Jolitz, a Beverly EMT, collected enough signatures to have his name on the ballot, he appears to have abandoned any effort to become the next state senator. He has raised no money, held no campaign events, issued no press releases, skipped the only candidates debate and ignored numerous calls seeking an interview.

Perhaps he’s hoping that Republicans will vote for anyone — even an unknown quantity — with an R next to his name.

But that’s not the way any candidate should conduct a campaign. Voters need to know who he is and what he thinks about the issues. Failure to provide even basic information indicates that he is not serious about the campaign, so voters should not be taking him seriously, either.

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