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Schneider: Loved when Pedro beat Clemens

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Cory Schneider

Cory Schneider

New Jersey Devils goaltender Cory Schneider of Marblehead recalls what it was like when Pedro Martinez pitched for the Red Sox during his youth:

"Growing up, when you knew Pedro was pitching it was must-watch baseball. You didn't want to miss a game, an inning, a single batter because you never know what Pedro might do.

"I tried to watch every time I knew he was pitching. It was like when (David) Ortiz and (Manny) Ramirez hit back-to-back; you never wanted to miss it. That entire stretch he was in Boston, I always remember if someone had tickets to a game the first question you'd ask is 'Is Pedro pitching?'

"Of course I remember him pitching in the All-Star Game at Fenway (in 1999), and that same season when he beat (Roger) Clemens and the Yankees in the playoffs. I wish it was like goaltending and Pedro could've pitched for the Sox almost every night."