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Sweeney: Indians playoff most memorable

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Bob Sweeney

Ex-Boston Bruin Bob Sweeney, left, doing a charity event as the director of Bruins Alumni, is a big admirer of Pedro Martinez.

Ex-Boston Bruin Bob Sweeney, who grew up in Boxborough, Mass. and currently resides in North Andover, played 11 years in the NHL and is an avid sports fan.

“For me the one game resonates was Pedro’s relief in the final game of the Red Sox-Cleveland (ALDS) series in 1999. I don’t think he ever did that before or again. I think he was hurt earlier in the series (with a bad back) and came in early in the game and took it over. I remember looking at him as being extra special after that day.

“I also loved the relationship he had with the Yankees and all of the great battles he had with them, like the 17-strikeout game. He pretty much owned them early in his career with the Red Sox and they got to him a bit later in his career. The ‘Daddy’ comment was very funny. The Don Zimmer incident in the playoffs. The Red Sox and Yankees were always big, like the Bruins and Canadiens, and he just added extra fuel to it.

“The most amazing part of his career, to me, is the fact that he had all the success in the steroid era. He was adamant about being clean and I think if you looked at his body, which appeared frail, was true. I loved watching him pitch.”

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