Batting around with ... Jack Wallace

Jack Wallace

The latest in our twice weekly Q&A getting to know the North Shore's Futures League baseball squad: 

Player: Jack Wallace

Hometown: Winthrop

College: Franklin Pierce

Position: Pitcher

What's been the most unique or memorable part about this season so far? What's the energy like being back out there competing?

The most unique thing is that we can play right now, especially during this tough time. It allows you to have a break from the real world and enjoy baseball again. Energy has been great; it feels nice to be back to some normalcy.

What's your favorite park to play in, whether it's from high school, Futures League or college, and what makes that place special?

My favorite park to play in the USA Baseball Complex in Cary, North Carolina. Great fields, and the mound is incredible.

Any equipment preferences or must haves, whether it's glove, bat, spikes, etc?

New Balance cleats. I will not wear any other cleat. Most comfortable cleats, in my opinion.

If you could talk to anyone from any time in baseball, who would you want to chat with and what would you ask them?

I would talk to (Dodgers pitcher) Walker Buehler and ask him about his mindset and how to be 100% confident in everything you do when it comes to pitching.

What did/would you choose for your walk-up or bullpen entrance music?

"Welcome To The Party" by Diplo.

Who's someone you really looked up to as a kid that you still admire, whether it's in sports or just in general?

I really looked up my dad. He’s a hard worker and does a lot for me, and he's a big reason I've made it this far in my baseball career.

What's your major and/or favorite class in college?

Sports Management is my major, and my favorite class was International Business.

 -- As told to Matt Williams


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