Essex Tech’s Devin LeBron will lead his team against Northeast.


All-time Thanksgiving series: Northeast leads, 10-2 (including game played in Fall 2 season); Northeast also leads all-time series, 11-6

Essex Tech Points For/Points Against: 262 PF, 223 PA

Northeast Points For/Points Against: 319 PF, 258 PA

Essex Tech’s top players: Devin LeBron, Jr. QB (126-618 yards, 9 TDs), Harry Lynch, Jr. QB/WR (80-437 yards passing, 6 TDs), Jayce Dooley, Jr. WR (35-730 yards, 10 TDs), Zach Soltys, Sr. MLB/G, Cael Dineen, Sr. LT/DT

Northeast Regional’s top players: Steve Donnelly, RB (1,600 yards, 168 points), C.J. Mariconi; QB (ran for over 600 yards), Anthony Tinkham, WB

Essex Tech’s keys to victory: Bend don’t break defense. Northeast has been scoring over 30 points per game, and the Hawks want to make it really hard to score. ET would like to avoid a track meet, but if it is a high scoring game they have to keep pace. Defensively the key is stopping Northeast’s Wing T offense.

Northeast’s keys to victory: Jump out to an early lead and tire out the Hawks’ defense, play disciplined on both sides of the ball, and try to contain LeBron. Primarily a running team with four backs they rely on.

Essex Tech’s Unsung Hero: Luke Joyce, Jr. DE/LB/TE/C/RB/R. Plays any position coach Dan Connors asks him to, and plays all well. He’s worn three different numbers depending on what position he plays. “A wonderful, coachable kid, who always thinks team first,” said Connors. “He’s been really good and had a strong game against Northeast in Fall 2 last spring.” Northeast Regional’s offensive line has done an excellent job opening up holes to make the running game go. The Knights rotate 10 or 11 linemen.

Essex Tech Seniors: Reese Cavalho, DT; Yurry Charles. LB: Cael Dineen, LT/DT; Zach Soltys, MLB/G

Projected starting lineups


No. Name Yr. Pos.

2 Ruddy DeJesus Jr. WR

88 Jayce Dooley Jr. WR

70 Cael Dineen: Sr. LT

68 Josh Heath Jr. LG

54 Trevor O’Neil Jr. C

62: Zach Soltys Sr. RG

58 Andrew Porter Jr. RT

10 P.J. Norton Jr. Slot

4 Luke Joyce Jr. TE

35 Shane Field Soph. RB

12 Devin LeBron Jr. QB


No. Name Yr. Pos.

4 Luke Joyce Jr. DE

54 Trevor O’Neil Jr. DT

7 Reese Carvalho Sr. NT

70 Cael Dineen Sr. DT

51 Medrano Deschene Jr. DE

12 Devin LeBron Jr. LB

35 Shane Field Soph. LB

62 Zach Soltys Sr. LB

11 Harry Lynch Jr. S

10 P.J. Norton Jr. CB

19 Alex Minaya Jr. CB

Essex Tech Special Teams

No. Name Yr. Pos.

28 Kaio Dos Passos Fr. Kicker

50 Christian Gauthier Jr.: Long/Short Snapper


No. Name Yr. Pos.

81 Angel Moldonado Sr. WR

87 Stephen Day Sr. WR

50 Justin Engel Sr. LT

55 Kahlil Nassif Sr. LG

53 John McDonough Sr. C

50 Abe Molina Jr. RG

69 Tyler Trumpler Jr. RT

26 Anthony Tinkham Sr. WB

2 Chris Zullo Soph. FB

7 Steve Donnelly Sr. RB

13 C. J. Mariconi Jr. QB


No. Name Yr. Pos.

54 Santino Perullo Jr. DE

53 John McDonough Sr. DT

78 Riley McDaniel Soph. DT

33 Juan Mendoza Jr. DE

44 Niko Panagopoulos Sr. OLB

50 Abe Molina Jr. LB

81 Angel Mondonado Sr. LB

2 Chris Zullo Soph. CB

26 Anthony Tinkham Sr. CB

7 Steve Donnelly Sr. S

13 C.J. Mariconi Jr. S

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