Salem News Sports Podcasts

Every week, the Salem News sports department — including Phil Stacey, Matt Jenkins, Matt Williams, Gianna Addario, and their special guests — will chat about high school sports on the North Shore in our new (yet-to-be-named) podcast series.

Week 8 is in! Listen in by clicking the audio clip to the left (where you can also hear clips from past weeks).

This week, Phil Stacey, Matt Jenkins and Gianna Addario break down the region's high school football playoff match-ups.

Don't forget to check back week to week to hear more of their insights, predictions, and thoughts on the 2015 season. Follow the Salem News sports team on Twitter, @PhilStacey_SN, @MattWilliams_SN, @MattJenkins_SN and @GiannaAddarioSN and let them know what you think.

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