On the football field, Rob Gronkowski delivers ferocious blocks and spectacular touchdown catches.

But during a surprise visit to Lawrence last week, he made a special delivery.

The Patriots tight end was here to help deliver a new couch to resident Carol Miranda in the latest episode of Eastern Bank’s “Good Things Happen” promotional video series.

The video was inspired by Nashua, N.H., businessman and bank client Edward Smith of College Bound Movers. A single parent who also grew up in a single-parent home, Smith in his spare time helps other single parents by donating furniture to them.

Eastern Bank bought the couch at B.D. Furniture & Decor in Lawrence, which is where the first surprise occurred. When Smith went into the store to pick up the couch, a big guy wearing a T-shirt with the name “Bob” on the front appeared. It was Gronkowski.

They then put the couch in Smith’s truck and took it to Miranda’s apartment.

“I knew we were getting the coach, which we really needed,” said Miranda, who has two daughters, J’Lynn, 13, and and Jada, 7. “They told me the story with Edward, and how he was brought up by a single mother. They just told me they wanted a camera in our home to video everything. I said, ‘Sure.’”

Next thing Miranda knew, Gronkowski was coming in the front door

“The funny thing is that I’ve become a big Patriots fan because of my girlfriends, and even my sister, love them and watch every weekend,” said Miranda, who works full time for Tallman Eye Associates. “I knew it was Gronk when I saw him.”

Gronkowski stayed about 90 minutes, Miranda said, and was a huge hit with her daughters. In fact Jada boldly asked Gronkowski if he’d help her with homework. 

“She’s not shy at all. He really did help her,” said Miranda. “He was incredible, a very humble person. He’s also very, very big, bigger than he looks on TV.”

Miranda also said that as neighbors got wind of Gronkowski’s visit, many came over seeking autographs and photos. Gronkowski obliged.

“We will never forget meeting Gronk,” said Miranda. “And the couch is really comfortable. We are very lucky people.”