All-time Thanksgiving series: Including the recent Fall 2 season, Marblehead leads, 56-49-7.

Marblehead Points For/Points Against: 350 PF, 109 PA

Swampscott Points For/Points Against.: 360 PF, 134 PA

Marblehead’s top players: Josh Robertson, Sr., QB (145-for-204, 2,098 yards, 26 TDs); Connor Cronin, Jr., RB (511 rushing yards, 5 TDs; 58 catches, 713 yards, 7 TDs); James Doody, Sr., TE (28 catches, 611 yards, 7 TDs); George Percy, Sr., RB (515 rushing yards, 5 TDs).

Swampscott’s top players: Xaviah Bascon, Sr., RB (1,332 rushing yards, 20 TDs); Cam O’Brien, Sr., QB (1,625 passing yards, 19 TDs); Elijah Burns, Jr., WR (32 catches, 649 yards, 8 TDs).

Marblehead keys to victory: The Magicians don’t need to do anything fancy here; they’re already a tremendously talented team that will head to the Super Bowl a week after Thursday’s bout. The key for them will be consistency on both sides of the ball while limiting penalties and not turning the ball over. Getting off to a strong start will be paramount as well, especially since they’re on the road in what could very well be a loud and hostile environment.

Swampscott keys to victory: The Big Blue want this game; there’s no question about it. Marblehead has gotten the better of them in recent years and if Swampscott, a Division 5 team, can beat their rivals, a Division 3 team, and go into next week’s Super Bowl with an unbeaten record, it would do wonders for their confidence. Much like Marblehead, Swampscott likely won’t change much in terms of their approach. The squad is talented, deep and physical enough to compete against anyone on the North Shore. It’s all going to come down to execution.

Potential Unsung Heroes: Be on the lookout for Eddie Johns of Marblehead. The junior wideout has caught just four passes on the season, but two of those were for touchdowns and he’s capable of a highlight reel or momentum swinging play.

Marblehead seniors: George Percy, RB/LB; Brady Lavender, LB/SB; Josh Robertson, QB; Drew Annese, LB; Craig Michalowski, WR/FS; James Galante, RB/CB; Eli Feingold, RB/LB/K; James Doody, TE; Diego Knight, WR/LB; Liam McIlroy, RB/LB; AJ Andriano, OT/DT; Ben Segee, DT/OT; Charlie Pingree, DE/T; Juan Garcia; Ben Segee, OT/DT; Ned Fitzgerald, OT/DT; Dylan Callaghan; Holt Sedky; Sean Freiberger, LB/TE.

Swampscott seniors: Al Bangura, DE/C; Xaviah Bascon, RB; Cam O’Brien, QB/LB; Harry Riddell, WR/FS; Nakaree Davis, TE/DE; Kyle Spear, WR/CB; Michael Tringale; Cole Hamernick, WR/CB; Yorlan Herrera gil, DE/WR; Frank Lin; Dylan Dubiel, WR/S; Joe Mignone, OL/DL; Jake Papazoglou, LB/G; Michael Erickson, OL/DL; Abdulhafeedh Sotunbo, T/DE; Ibrahim Alnehmi, CB.

Projected starting lineups


No. Name Yr. Pos.

55 Christian Pacheco Soph LT

54 Sam Annese Jr. LG

77 Ned Fitzgerald Sr. C

72 Jack Aneshansley Jr. RG

59 AJ Andriano Sr RT

30 James Doody Sr. TE

8 Josh Robertson Sr. QB

1 George Percy Sr. RB

18 Craig Michalowski Sr. WR

22 Connor Cronin Jr RB/WR

2 Zander Danforth Jr. WR


No. Name Yr. Pos.

77 Ned Fitzgerald Sr DT

59 AJ Andriano Sr. NG

54 Sam Annese Jr DT

33 Liam McIlroy Sr LB

55 Christian Pacheco Soph LB

13 Drew Annese Sr LB

1 George Percy Sr LB

18 Craig Michalowski Sr. FS

6 Andy Palmer Soph. DB

19 James Galante Sr DB

22 Connor Cronin Jr S


No. Name Yr. Pos.

54 Dylan Dubiel Sr. LT

63 Ethan Gee Jr. LG

66 Jake Popazoglou Sr. C

58 Joe Mignone Sr. RG

68 Michael Erickson Sr. RT

7 Cam O’Brien Sr. QB

2 Xaviah Bascon Sr. RB

5 Jason Codispoti Jr. WR

30 Cole Hamernick Sr. WR

9 Nakaree Davis Sr. WR

3 Elijah Burns Jr. WR


No. Name Yr. Pos.

52 Yorlan Herrera Gil Sr. NG

58 Joe Mignone Sr. DT

63 Ethan Gee Jr. DT

9 Nakaree Davis Sr. LB

54 Dylan Dubiel Sr. LB

66 Jake Popazoglou Sr LB

4 Anthony Nichols Soph. LB

7 Cam O’Brien Sr LB

30 Cole Hamernick Sr. DB

5 Jason Codispoti Jr. DB

2 Xaviah Bascon Sr. DB

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