No school dominated its first round matchup as much as Beverly did in gaining 77 percent of the vote to breeze past Pingree. They have one of the most recognizable and iconic logos in North Shore sports: a black Panther, coming out of an orange circular logo with the school’s name surrounding the creature, looking fiercely outward at its foes while bearing its teeth. This is one cat who’s ready for battle. An additional nice touch are the orange eyes, nose and tongue on the panther itself.

The biggest first round upset in our 'Logo Showdown'? That's easy: Essex Tech crushed heavily favored St. John's Prep to move on to the quarterfinals. Considering this is a school that's continually on the rise, reflecting the influx of students who want to both study and compete in sports there, it shouldn't be all that shocking. The Hawks’ logo is all business, an emerald green and white bird of prey with navy blue accents on a fierce looking profile. It’s clean, crisp and is resolute.


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