Danvers, which knocked off Rockport in the first round, comes at you with fearlessness, a Falcon in full flight and ready to attack its prey. The royal blue bird, bordered in white and with royal blue piping surroundin the entire logo, is facing east with its one eye and nose poised and on the lookout while its claw is in ready mode. A terrific feature of this emblem is the Falcons' wing, which spread out appears to make an 'F'.

High school logos don't get much more archetypal than Manchester Essex's beloved Hornet, which took down Swampscott in last week's opening round. A muscular insect with its fists clenched, this wasp is wearing a forest green turtleneck and its wings and antennae up while the yellow-and-black striped stinger is ready to attack. Pardon the pun, but this emblem literally has a bee in its bonnet — and we love it.