After toppling Masconomet in the first round — earning two votes for every one for Masco — the Magicians are ready to square off against their Northeastern Conference rivals in Round 2. Don’t mistake their logo as being sinister looking, either; we like to think of it more as focused and intense. It conveys a mission that's ready to be met and an athletic program that's willing to do everything to achieve their goals.

As the leather capital of the world for a time, Peabody — which easily took care of business vs. Gloucester in its first round matchup — has a logo reflects its heritage as ‘The Tanner City’. A menacing bull looking straight at the viewer, it’s striking in its color scheme, featuring both a powder blue and navy blue with long, protruding horns. Those horns, on the school’s turf field, stretch from one 30-yard-line to the other — that’s a 40-yard long emblem.