Mike Gallant -- Bishop Fenwick hockey

Bishop Fenwick junior Mike Gallant, who can play either wing or defense, has three goals and an assist thus far for the Crusaders this winter.

Name: Michael Gallant

Age: 16 

Height: 5-foot-11

Weight: 195 lbs.

High school: Bishop Fenwick

Hometown: Stoneham 

Position: Both wings, but currently playing defense

What type of stick, skates and helmet do you use?: As of right now I use all Bauer products. Bauer Nexus 8000 for my stick, Bauer APX 2 for my skates and a Bauer Re-act helmet. I believe that Bauer is the best in the game and I'm also very used to their equipment.

What talent do you have that most people probably wouldn't know about?: I am a good artist.

Why did you choose to attend Bishop Fenwick?: My brother attended Fenwick and always told me how great of a school it was. When I came of age and started to look at schools, I shadowed the future captain of the hockey team and fell in love with the atmosphere. Everyone was genuinely nice and the teachers are amazing. 

Tell me who the biggest dangler on the team is: Sophomores Jimmy Moore and Greg McGunigle both have great hands and pull moves all the time.

What food can't you live without?: Definitely French fries. They're the downfall of my healthy diet.

Horrible Bosses 2, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay or Night At The Museum?: Definitely 100% The Hunger Games. I read the books and am a huge fan of Jennifer Lawrence.

What music is pumping between your ears before a contest?: To be honest, I’m not in charge of that during home games. A classmate of mine, Chris Napolitano, is in charge of music during those (I bring the stereo). However, for away games I tend to listen to a myriad of music. I like rap, (Eminem always comes on); I also like rock, but dubstep is always in my playlist.

What's the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you during a game?: Re-breaking my collarbone in warmups. That was pretty embarrassing. 

Who's the best at NHL 15 on your team?: Fellow Juniors Wil Bethune and Matthew Townsend are by far the best NHL players on the team.

What's the better Fenwick look: black-and-yellow, or old school brown-and-yellow?: Definitely Black-and-yellow

Who's your favorite teacher in school and why?: I would have to say Mrs. Bova; she's the chemistry and Biology teacher. Mrs. Bova is a great teacher and motivator.

Outside of your Fenwick teammates, who are your closest friends in hockey?: Because I go to a school 20-25 minutes away and most of my friends also go to private or Catholic schools, it's hard to see most of them. As of right now my closest friends on and off the ice are all from the Fenwick hockey family. That being said, my closest friends in hockey outside of Fenwick are juniors Pat Harrington (Malden Catholic) and Nathan Cox (Stoneham High).

Pick one: scoring a game-winning goal, delivering a huge body check or laying out to block a shot and preserve a last-second win: Being a Division 1 athlete, having the opportunity to do any of these are satisfying but there is no feeling in the world like scoring a game-winning goal.

What does your college choice have to have for you to attend that school?: I would love to attend a school that has a good engineering program, and a good hockey program.

Name your all-time hockey idol: This is a very tough question, but I would have to say my all-time hockey idol is Bergeron. He is very dedicated, he is a great two-way player and is also class act. I look up to him and follow his example.

Patriots or Ravens?: Patriots all the way! I don't like the Ravens.

How can the Crusaders (currently 2-5) turn their season around and make a run for the playoffs?: We as a team need to start producing more offense and strengthen our D-zone coverage. Also, we need stay focused and use our new coach (Chuck Allen's) system properly. 

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