Seniors Say  ... with Bishop Fenwick's Cailyn Wesley

JAIME CAMPOS/Staff photoCailyn Wesley of Bishop Fenwick has always wanted to visit Aruba. 

Editor’s note: With the sports world on hold, The Salem News will be checking in with seniors who play a spring sport to get their thoughts on everything from school and sports to pop culture. Today’s guest: Bishop Fenwick lacrosse standout Cailyn Wesley. 

Name: Cailyn Wesley

High School: Bishop Fenwick

Spring Sport you play: Lacrosse

What have you been doing in terms of lacrosse to prepare yourself for a spring season if and when that happens? Are you still hopeful to get out there with your team?: During the offseason my team did a winter league with HomeGrown where we played against other teams. I also played on a club team and went to tournaments this past summer. The other captains and I have sent the team wall ball drills and at-home workouts from our trainer. I still have not given up hope, but I have realized that the outcome does not look too promising. There is nothing more I would want than to have a senior season, even if it only consisted of a few games.

How have you adjusted to the online learning for school?: I have one or two scheduled classes on zoom each day, except for Tuesday’s where we quickly meet with every class. My teachers have been very helpful to make online schooling an easy transition. It is a new experience, but I have already gotten used to it.

How would you describe the last month or so being a senior student athlete?: It has been challenging to not be playing a sport for quite some time. I wanted to have a strong end to my senior season with lacrosse. In between the seasons of field hockey, ice hockey, and lacrosse, my breaks have never consisted of being this long. I have had to find my own ways of keeping myself active.

You'll be headed to St. Joseph's in Maine next year to continue your field hockey and lacrosse careers. What are you most looking forward to about that and what made St. Joseph's such a great fit? What do you plan on studying in college?: Heading to St. Joe’s next year I will be majoring in nursing. I am excited to meet new people and have new experiences. St. Joe’s is such a great fit for me because I will be able to focus on my academics first, while still being able to play field hockey and lacrosse.

A typical day during this pandemic looks much different than usual for most people right now. How have you spent all the extra time? Have you watched any good TV shows or movies lately that you weren't able to get around to before?: During my extra time I have been watching TV, baking, and going outside. I have made some obstacles courses for field hockey stick-handling, and played wall ball for lacrosse. I have had plenty of time to watch "All-American", "Tiger King", and "Ozark" on Netflix.

If you could have one super power what would it be and why?: I would choose to be able to teleport. I really like to go to new places, but I do not enjoy flying, and it would save a lot of time while being able to pick anywhere I can go.

Favorite place to travel or place you always wanted to go to?: I have always wanted to go to Aruba. My friends and I actually planned a senior trip there, but it was cancelled due to Corona. We are hoping to reschedule even if it ends up being next year.

Any local restaurant recommendations for take-out dining during this time?: My favorite take-out that I have gotten so far was from Champions Pub.

-- As told to Nick Giannino



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