Seniors Say with ... Essex Tech softball superstar Sheree Fallon

Essex Tech star pitcher and hitter Sheree Fallon. HADLEY GREEN/Staff file photo 

Name: Sheree Fallon

Age: 18

High school: Essex Tech

Hometown: Danvers

Spring sport: Softball pitcher

Are you a team captain?: Yes

Coming off of an all-star season last spring, what goals had you set, both for yourself and the Hawks, on the diamond this year?: Coming off of one of our best seasons, one of my biggest goals for us was to have a good bond as a team. Last year we had a great team bond, and having that team bond helps us communicate better on and off the field.

You won 10 games on the mound a year ago and also hit .471 with 28 RBI, so do you enjoy pitching or hitting more?: I love to hit and pitch. When I'm on the mound, I'm in my own world. Being on the mound, it’s just me and my catcher one pitch at a time; everything slows down. Pitching is something I've been doing ever since I could start doing it. Hitting I didn’t start getting confident with it until my junior year. Ever since I started hitting well, though, I now think the same way about hitting as pitching when I'm in the box: it's just me and pitcher, one pitch at the time, and put the ball in play.

What made you want to attend high school at Essex Tech?: Because I knew they worked with animals. I've always had a passion for animals, especially dogs. I studied Companion Animals at Essex Tech.

Where are you headed off to college?: I'll be attending Becker College, majoring in Criminal Justice and getting my associates' in Animal Care, and playing softball there.

Aside from softball season, what's one thing you had looked forward to as a senior that you had to miss out on?: I'm sad we missed out on prom. Prom is a fun night to dress up and have fun with friends.

What's your favorite place to get food in Danvers?: Supremes, because they have really good roast beef sandwiches.

Which teacher at Essex Tech has had the greatest influence on you?: Mrs. (Julia) Witzig. Ms. Witzig didn't just only coach me on the field, but also helped me through some of the hardest times of high school. She coached me on and off the field.

What do you think that you'll tell your children and grandchildren what it was like to graduate during the pandemic of 2020?: That it's something we had to adjust to. We had to adjust to wearing masks and limiting our time out of the house. One of the positive things about this pandemic is that we got to spend a lot of time with our family. We got to do activities that don’t usually happen.

 -- As told to Phil Stacey



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