Seniors Say with ... Masconomet's Shawn Callahan

Sprinter Shawn Callahan of Masconomet.

Name: Shawn Callahan

Age: 18

High school: Masconomet

Spring sport you play: Outdoor track & field, 100 meter, 200 meter, 4x100 meter relay and long jump

Are you a team captain?: Yes

Has it fully hit you yet that your spring track season, and the rest of high school, is over?: It definitely has not. I was looking forward to spending the last few months of school with my classmates before we all go off on our own journeys. Without the track season, myself, and the rest of the seniors aren't able to experience or appreciate our final practice, final race, and final bus ride among many other activities that we looked forward to in our final season.

Which of the events that you took part in did you like the best?: My favorite has always been the 4x100 meter relay. All of the other events are individual events, which has separate advantages to a team event/sport. However, relays give the team the opportunity to work cohesively all week during practice to master the timing of our handoffs. Then on the day of a meet, when we execute perfectly and run a successful relay together, there's no better feeling because we knew the additional time we put in was worth it.

After qualifying for states in three events and leading the team in points last spring as a junior, what were your individual goals this spring?: My first goal was to help lead the team to a CAL championship in our last year in the division. Individually, I was working to medal in three events at the CAL championship meet (100m, 200m, and long jump). At the state meet, I was planning to place in the top eight and medal for the long jump, as last year I placed 9th and missed out on a medal by two inches. I was also training to jump 22 feet 8 inches in the long jump, a mark that would've broken the school record.

What other senior activities were you most looking forward to before graduation?: I was looking forward to spending the last few months at Masco with my classmates whom I knew I would most likely not have the opportunity to see post-graduation. Masco is a community with countless students, teachers, and coaches who truly leave an impact on us as individuals in our high school journey. It's unfortunate that we are now incapable of saying proper goodbyes to both each other and these amazing individuals.

What's your all-time favorite athletic memory as a Chieftains' athlete?: Going undefeated in the CAL in hockey this winter and winning the division title for the second straight year. There has not been a Masco hockey team to ever go undefeated in the CAL and win the division in back-to-back years until this year’s team.

What made you decide to go to the University of South Carolina to study finance?: What made me choose U of SC is that it offers a great business school, a welcoming community that encourages every student to become involved in athletics or clubs, and warm weather. I was strongly considering UMass Amherst, UConn and Clemson, too. I'm planning on either walking on for the track team or playing for the club hockey team.

What's something that's made you happy during quarantine?: Doing work around the house with my parents has been a great, educational experience for me. My parents and I repainted the walls and replaced the ceiling tiles in our basement, along with spending many hours in our yard doing our own landscaping. Spending time with them before leaving for college has been a special experience I'll cherish for a long time.

Looking forward, how do you think the Class of 2020 will best be remembered?: As a group of individuals that are not only able to handle unprecedented adversity, but also were faced with the challenges to both conclude one chapter, then enter into another through a harsh and unpredictable world. I hope that my peers in the Class of 2020 look fondly on our high school experience at Masco together as I do.

— As told to Phil Stacey  



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