Player: ​Tripp Clark

Age: ​17

School: ​St. John’s Prep

Spring sport you play: ​Lacrosse

Are you a team captain?: ​Yes

As you wave goodbye to St. John's Prep, looking back what was it that drew you to the school and how would you describe your experience there? The athletics were definitely the main aspect of the school which drew me to the prep. I actually was in middle school for one year at the prep as an 8th grader, the first year the middle school was an option. I was a bit hesitant to come to the prep that early, but I’m glad that I did.

Did you have a favorite teacher or subject during your time there? I had many teachers whom I loved to be around. All of the teachers at the prep are great in their own way. Mrs. Salinger was always someone I could talk to and joke around with. She was my English teacher junior year. 

What was the adjustment to social distancing and online learning like for these past few months during the pandemic? It was a very sad time in the lives of the class of 2020. We all wish we could have lived the last months of our high school career with the boys in the classroom and playing lacrosse. I personally was not a big fan of online learning. At times I felt like I was trying to teach myself, not because of the teachers, but because of the fact that this was something completely new for everyone.

Have you learned anything new about yourself during that time, such as a newfound hobby or something you like to do now that you weren't necessarily interested in before? I got a job delivering food for a local restaurant, Pomodori, which is in Newburyport. People have been tipping very well in these times to delivery drivers.

Any good movie or TV show recommendations to watch while we all have this extra time? Outer Banks. Amazing show. 

Shifting to athletics, what kind of gear do you use on the lacrosse field? (helmet, shaft, head, cleats, etc.) I love the Cascade R or the Cascade S for my helmet of choice. I use an Stx Hammer as my choice of shaft with a Maverick Havok head. Cleat wise, I've always been a big Nike guy. For my gloves, I use Maverick.

When did you start playing long pole defense and what is it that you like about the position so much? I started playing lacrosse when I was in third grade. I began using a long pole as soon as I can remember. I like the fact that you can get physical with someone and throw them around as they try to get past you. I’ve always been a physical kid in sports and I feel like it's most fun during lacrosse. 

Do you have a favorite high school lacrosse memory, whether it's a particular game, moment or season in general? My favorite memories as a whole come from all over the place. From playing summer lacrosse with the Clams against some of the best talent in the country to last season at the Prep, playing with a really great group of guys, making it to the semi finals before our season was cut short thanks to LS. The brotherhood that not just the lacrosse team has given my friends, but the football team as well will be a group of guys I will be friends with forever.

Finally, you're headed to St. Lawrence in the fall to continue your lacrosse career; what drew you to that school and team? What do you plan on studying there? What drew me to St. Lawrence is the academics which are amazing as well as the lacrosse program which is one of the best D3 programs in the country. When I did my official visit up in New York, the players and coaching staff were so great to me. They showed me everything the lacrosse team has to offer as well as an amazing campus and I felt like it was the right place for me. I am excited to be spending the next four years at SLU and I cannot wait for the fall.

-- As told to Nick Giannino


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