Seniors Say with ... Swampscott's Emerson Laundry

JAIME CAMPOS/Staff photo Swampscott's Emerson Laundry.

Player: Emerson Laundry

School: Swampscott

Spring sport: Lacrosse

Are you a team captain: Yes

Can you sum up your thoughts after the season had to be officially cancelled? Anything you've been able to do to cope or keep morale up as a team?

I was devastated when I heard about the season being canceled. Our team worked incredibly hard in the off season to prepare for 2020 season. When they announced the season was officially over, it was hard to take, because I really felt that we had a shot to go far in the tournament. In terms of keeping morale up, we have been very active on social media; posting team interviews, fun videos, and workout videos, to keep the team together and active. Social media is definitely helping us stay connected.

What has working out or keeping lacrosse skills sharp while social distancing been like? Any tips or good solo drills?

Well, training is obviously not as much fun alone, but there are plenty of at home, skills and drills, you can do to keep your lacrosse skills sharp. I have been doing a few different things to stay active, like going for a run or biking, which are good ways to keep your legs strong. I’ve also been going in the backyard to pass the ball around with one of my siblings, and take shots on net. Some good training tips would be to work on foot skills to increase the speed of your feet, like with the agility ladder. Also using tensions bands, and doing squats are good for strengthening your stance. Wrist strengthening skills and wall ball are also important to keep your strength and hand eye coordination strong. It can be hard to get yourself motivated, but I know I have to do my part to stay in shape and I always feel better after I exercise. It puts my head in a good place.

Did you have any preferences or must-haves for equipment, as far as stick, webbing, cleats, brand or color etc?

For equipment, my go to stick brand has always been STX. I tired out a few different brands when I was younger, but when I got my first STX stick, I knew it was the right fit for me. Right now, I am using the 10 degree head, and I have transferred to a mesh pocket, which I prefer, because I feel it gives me more control over the ball.

What's your favorite or best memory from your career from Swamspcott High? Most memorable game?

This question is probably the most difficult to answer because it’s so hard to choose only one. I will list my favorite memory and my most memorable game. A memory that will always stick with me is when I was a freshman and we were facing Peabody on there turf. I remember we were down by one with about 5 seconds left in the game. I drove into the 8, put a spin move on my defender, and scored to send us into overtime. We ended up winning the game in OT. That memory is important to me, because it gave me a new sense of confidence. I realized, even though I was just a freshman, I had the ability make an impact and help out my team.

My most memorable game, which I bring up every time I talk about my high school lacrosse career, was last year against Peabody. It was a dog fight right from the start. We were on our home field and at one point, we were down by a lot. We worked hard together as a team and played the way all knew we could. Every time we huddled up, we felt the energy and it motivated us to keep working. Eventually, we game tied with a minute left. We knew we needed to win the draw, and be smart with the ball, because we knew it would be last possession of the game. Our team started off by working it around the 12, and I brought it up to the top. This is when myself, and fellow teammate Harper Clopton, used the draw and dump. I drove to the net and Harper got free, and I fed the ball to her. Harper scored like I knew she would, because she is an excellent player. As soon as the ref blew the whistle, I jumped onto her tackling her to the turf. This was by far the greatest team victory that I’ve ever been a part of. I was so proud of my entire team. We believed in ourselves, work hard, and depended on each other. It was a true Team win.

I have a picture of me jumping on Harper in mid air, every time I look at it, it brings back that feeling that you don’t get to feel every day; a combination of excitement, and genuine happiness.

If you could have played one game this spring, who would you want to play against? Who's the biggest rival?

Peabody has grown to be our teams biggest rival. Our games against Peabody are always action packed. They are usually close games, but we always come up with a W.

What was your favorite class and/or teacher at SHS?

My favorite teacher at Swampscott High would have to be Mr. Parachojuk. He’s a great teacher. He has always made his students feel like he was approachable. He listens to his students and makes you feel comfortable in his class. I would have to say my favorite class, that I took for 2 years, was Green Scholars. It’s a hands on class, and it opened my eyes to issues involving our planet.

What's your favorite or the best TV show to binge/steam to pass the time while we're all stuck inside?

I would have to go with the TV show Friends. I can watch that all day and not get sick of it. The characters are great.

Any advice for the underclassmen coming back for next year, what they can do to make the most of their time?

The advice I can give to the underclassman on my team, is cherish every moment you have on the field, during practice and games, because before you know it’s over. I listened to graduating players say this at every banquet, and it’s so true. Before you can blink, it’s your senior year, and for the first time, you are wishing everything would just slow down. I wish I could have experienced my senior season, and got the chance to play with my sister. I would give anything to step on the field one more time with my team. I think another piece of advise is not to put your stick away just because the season has ended. Keep working. It’s important to keep your stick skills sharp, so you can improve and be ready for the start of the next season. We have so many outstanding Juniors who will be stepping up for their final season next year, and I can’t wait to see what the team will do.

What are your plans for college? Any idea about what you want to study or playing sports?

Moving forward, I am continuing my academic and athletic career; playing lacrosse at Umass Lowell, and I couldn’t be more excited!

 -- As told to Matt Williams


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