All-time Thanksgiving series: Xaverian leads 31-21 (including game played during Fall 2 season)

St. John’s Prep Points For/Points Against: 476 PF 271 PA

Xaverian Points For/Points Against: 383 PF 267 PA

St. John’s Prep’s top players: James Guy, Sr. RB (721 yards, 8 TD), Carson Browne, Jr. RB (827 yards, 7 TD), Jack Perry, Sr. QB (1,278 yards, 31 TD), Jackson Delaney, Sr. WR (936 yards, 12 TD), Jesse Ofurie, Jr. WR (777 yards, 14 TD), Stephon Patrick. Jr. WR (736 yards, 8 TD), Matt Mitchell, Sr., CB; Jake Cuddire, Sr. OL

Xaverian’s top players: QB Jake Gilbert, RB Joe Kelcourse. WR Anthony Crocetti

St. John’s Prep’s keys to victory: The Eagles have to make stops on defense and get off the field. They also need to be solid in the kicking game, control the line of scrimmage, and give QB Jack Perry time to threw the ball. SJP is limping into this game because of sickness and injuries.

Xaverian’s keys to victory: After a successful season the Hawks were eliminated from the Division 1 playoffs in the quarterfinals, and a win over rival St. John’s Prep would end the year on a high note. They are strong up front on both offensive and defensive lines. They have to be able to contain the Prep’s explosive passing game.

Potential Unsung Hero: St. John’s Prep senior center Kurt Plakans, who came to St. John’s as a quarterback, grew into a lineman overnight and has done a very good job in the new position. Xaverian senior quarterback Jake Gilbert took over after not going out for the team last spring because he’s a Fairfield scholarship lacrosse player. After breaking his collarbone as a freshman he came out late sophomore year, but has been very good in his first year starting because Gilbert is athletic and very fast.

St. John’s Prep seniors: Tyee Ambrosh, CB; Ethan Barnes-Felix, LB; Conor Beswick, manager; Eric Boyd, LB; Mason Butler, DB; Anthony Caputo, TE; Mace Collins. FB; Andrew Connolly, OL; Jake Cuddire, RG; Jackson Delaney, WR; Justin Fogarty, FB; Ryan Grenier, S; James Guy, RB; Timothy Haarmann, K; Victor Harrington, QB; Austin Hart, DE; Connor Keefe, LB; Hudson Kortbus, DT; Rocco Masciarellli, WR; Matt Mitchell, CB; Chase Moylan, TE; Jack Perry, QB; Kurt Plakans, C; Connor Regan, LB; Dylan Roberts, DT; Charlie Stark, LB/K; Kyle Webster, LT; Aidan White, LB; Charlie Wilmot, WR; Shane Williams, DB; Dylan Wodarski, LB; Jonathan Zion, RB.

Projected starting lineups


No. Name Yr. Pos.

14 Jackson Delaney Sr. WR

5 Jesse Ofurie Jr. WR

10 Michael Nabbout Jr. TE

76 Kyle Webster Sr. LT

74 Christian Difo Jr LG

69 Kurt Plakans Sr. C

77 Jake Cuddire Sr. RG

70 Pius Ejindu Jr. RT

12 Stephon Patrick Jr. WR

6 James Guy Sr. RB or

28 Carson Browne Jr. RB

26 Jack Fillion Jr. FB

9 Jack Perry Sr. QB


No. Name Yr. Pos.

20 Mason McSweeney Soph. DE

10 Michael Nabbout Jr. DE

56 Hudson Kortbus Sr. DT

78 Charles Smith Jr. DT

44 Conan Keefe Sr. MLB

2 Dylan Wodarski Sr. LB

34 Charlie Stark Sr. LB

22 Lucas Verrier Jr. S

21 Ryan Grenier Sr. S

4 Matt Mitchell Sr. CB

7 Tyee Ambrosh Sr. CB


No. Name Yr. Pos.

6 Anthony Crocetti Sr. WR

14 Jonathan Monteiro Soph.WR

79 Jack Funke Sr. LT

56 Cole Canty Jr. LG

62 Christian Gurney Sr. C

78 Nathan Young Jr. RG

77 Jon Mould Jr. RT

2 Anthony Busa Jr. WR or

15 Charlie Comella Soph. WR

42 Joe Kelcourse Sr. RB

32 Cole Jette Jr. FB

1 Jake Gilbert Sr. QB


No. Name Yr. Pos.

33 Aidan Lovelace Sr. DE

79 Jack Funke Sr. DT

56 Cole Canty Jr. DT

89 Matt DeFeo Jr. DE

32 Cole Jette Jr. LB

9 Jeff Prophet Jr. LB

42 Joe Kelcourse Sr. LB

3 Caleb Bell Sr. CB

6 Carlo Crocetti Sr. FS

2 Anthony Busa Jr. SS

15 Charlie Comella Soph. CB

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