Bending behind home plate as a catcher for an entire softball game or play as often as required to be a defender in field and ice hockey test an athlete's endurance.

But when you've biked across Nova Scotia — 850 miles in all over 23 days — endurance tends to take on a whole different meaning.

Industrious might be the best way to describe Pingree School senior Izzy DiAdamo, a three-sport captain and outstanding student whose off-the-field interests include that fabled trek through Canada, hiking the Appalachian Trail and organizing a fundraising run in honor of her aunt.

"She's a natural born leader in every sense of the word," Pingree college counselor Meg Farley said. "It could be in sports, in our Spirit Club, in our Million Thanks Club or leading an engaging discussion in the classroom: she's a fearless leader. She quietly inspires the people around her to their absolute best."

DiAdamo is the backbone of all three of her Highlander teams in high school. As a central defender in field hockey, defenseman on the ice and catcher in softball, she oversees all the action and has helped her teams reach incredible heights.

An NFHCA National Academic Squad honoree for field hockey, DiAdamo was an integral part of a Pingree squad that won its league and reached the New England Prep School Athletic Conference regional quarterfinals.

"Izzy is unbelievably unselfish," said field hockey coach Jen Richardson. "I'd describe an athlete of the year as one who embodies sportsmanship and achievement. One who always displays commitment, competitiveness and composure. Izzy is all of that."

DiAdamo serves as one of Jim MacLaughlin captain's in both ice hockey and softball. The veteran Pingree coach has seen the way her unselfishness can lift up her teammates plenty of times.

"She always puts the team experience before herself," he said. "More importantly, she is often the first person who reaches out if there's a difficult team issue or something that needs to be corrected. She handles everything with class, maturity and grace."

Helping as a peer tutor, DiAdamo's academic interests are as wide ranging as her sporting activities. She's been involved in the UNICEF Club and has a tremendous reputation for being an engaged, curious classroom participant.

"If I could, I'd bottle Izzy's work ethic and sense of humor into a spray that would mist all students as they come into the classroom," Pingree engineering teacher Stacey Nicholson says. "Her drive is matched by her positive energy. Each of our classes was 'fun' because Izzy was present."



Hometown: North Andover

Age: 18

College you will be attending: Undecided 

What is your favorite book?: "Game of Thrones" 

What is your favorite movie?: "Miracle"

Who is your favorite singer or musical group?: It's always changing, but right now it’s Ed Sheeran.

What is your favorite app?: Apple Music. I have found that music has been a huge part of the teams I’ve been on. Whether it’s helping getting people psyched up before we play or just making the long bus rides fun, music is essential.

What is your favorite class in school?: History. 

What athletic feat are your most proud of?: Toward the end of the season, my field hockey team was down in a crucial game. We had been playing well all season, and weren't used to playing from behind. At halftime I needed to get the team fired up, so I gave a pep talk. I think when it's a high pressure situation like that, it's really easy for a team to crumble and start to play selfishly, but our team did the opposite. We were connecting with each other on the field and communicating well, and everyone was working incredibly hard, not just for themselves but for their teammates. Because of that, we rallied and eventually won. I was as proud of my team as I possibly could've been.

What does being a leader among your peers mean to you?: I think often leaders on teams are the best player, but that's definitely not the case with me. On all my teams I've been surrounded by extremely talented players, and that meant for me to contribute I knew that I had to work hard, and to try to be a role model, particularly for younger players both on and off the field. I am not the type to push someone, but instead tried to lead by example. I work very hard to create team chemistry.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?: My goal is to find a way to combine all my passions while taking on new challenges. I find that I'm constantly intrigued by new things, so I'm always looking for opportunities to develop new skills and take on interesting projects. 

What’s something most people don’t know about you?: As a kid, I was the one that would run away from the ball during a soccer game. I was small and slow and was almost scared of my own shadow. I did figure skating and played a little bit of soccer, but I don’t think I — or anyone who watched me play — would’ve guessed I would be a 12-season varsity athlete in high school, much less be a three-sport captain.