Summer Sessions with ... Pingree's Doc Simpson

Name: Doc Simpson

Sport: Girls soccer

High school: Pingree

Years coaching there: 9th season

How has the summer and return to play for soccer been so far?

It’s been slow in regards to where I thought we would be by now. We have been able to provide lots of training opportunities though.

Are you seeing modifications that might be useful for being able to have a high school season?

I think it’s hard to tell what works until you get data from those who are playing. Until you start playing nothing is helpful.

Do you think we'll have a fall season? Have you been able to stay in contact with the Pingree girls to keep moral up and get ready to returning to play?

I’m hopeful and that’s all I can be. I keep in touch with our leaders and I know they had some opportunities to get together. Our top kids are always training, playing pickup and lifting. We are planning on a clinic in early August.

What's the best coaching advice you've gotten over the years, or some advice you'd give your younger self if you could go back to when you were first starting out?

Best coaching advice was to establish my philosophy and have everything be built around that. To my younger self I would said decide what you want and stay focused on that.

Who's one person you look up to or admire and why?

My mom because she was a single parent and she gave me and my sister a solid foundation.

What's one guilty pleasure you've been able to enjoy more in the pandemic? (Bad tv show, music, food, hobby, anything)

Food definitely. I’m cooking more than ever so at least it’s not fast food.

If you could attend any sporting event anywhere in the world for free, what would you want to see?

Old Trafford watching my beloved Man U team play!!

-- As told to Matt Williams


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