Hamilton-Wenham Athletic Trainer Hannah Magerman loves walking her dog in her spare time.

The latest in The Salem News’ Q&A series with North Shore athletic trainers as part of National Athletic Training Month

Name: Hannah Magerman

School: Hamilton-Wenham

Number of years you’ve been an athletic trainer: 6

Number of years you’ve been at your current school: 5

Where did you go to college and/or grad school? What is your preferred/correct title? I went to Merrimack College for undergraduate school as well as graduate school. My titles are, MS, LAT, ATC, CPT (Master of science, Licensed & certified athletic trainer, certified personal trainer).

Why did you want to become an athletic trainer? Because I love athletics. Being an athlete my entire life, I love being involved in sports and love the feeling of being able to help athletes stay healthy and play the sports they love.

Is there anything surprising or unexpected about working in high school sports? I’d say what surprised me the most was watching kids from freshman year grow into seniors and develop, both mentally and physically

What’s been the biggest change in the AT world since your career began? Trying to create a good work/life balance, especially since there are weekend games and late nights, etc.

What is the most satisfying or enjoyable or rewarding part of your job? Seeing an athlete fully recover from an injury and getting back on the field

What’s one thing you’ve learned about the field recently? It’s a growing profession and that more and more youth sports are starting to hire athletic trainers for events.

What’s the most important thing in your equipment bag or the thing people might be surprised to learn needs to be in there? The most important thing would be my AED. It tends to scare people and worry them, but it’s almost like it’s a safety blanket. As in, if I don’t have it I’ll need it, so I’ll always bring it.

What is your favorite sport or activity away from work? Walking my dog

What was the most memorable game or atmosphere you’ve worked in? What made it special? It would probably be Friday night football games. Sometimes they bring me the same adrenaline rush I used to get when I played sports.

What’s one thing you wish people knew about your job that they might not realize? We do more than tape ankles. I also create and implement injury prevention warmups and injury prevention strength and conditioning programs.

If you could make one change to high school sports, what would you want to do? Intervene with more injury prevention strength and conditioning programs.

What’s your favorite way to unwind after a game or practice at home? Ordering some food and relaxing!

— As told to Matt Williams

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