Brian Kibler, junior, Salem State University

“A lot of sound bites are coming out of Romney that I’m uncomfortable with. ... When you aggregate them all together, it makes the picture look not great. ...

“Obama’s handle of social issues is what is swinging my vote right now. He’s in favor of gay marriage and LGBT-friendly. The statements made by Romney’s camp on women’s issues, I find shocking — the ‘binders of women’ comment ... saying things like getting rid of Planned Parenthood. In the past, he’s been pro-choice, and now he’s coming out (as pro-life) to court the conservatives.”

On foreign policy, Obama “brings a more knowledged background.”



Kevin Keohane, sophomore, Gordon College

“The main reason behind my vote is I feel (Romney) is better equipped, and Paul Ryan, to aid the state of our current economy. ...

“I feel like Paul Ryan has a somewhat innovative and unique approach, and I feel that’s something that can work and would be good for us.

“I feel like the Obama administration hasn’t done a bad job, but it hasn’t necessarily done a good job either.”


— Compiled by Bethany Bray


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